“In Makis Faros, own words, his sound installation “Suspect device” is “a space one 
could call   haunted by voices of suffering people and the sounds of their torment”. 
The installation, witch will   be specially constructed for this exhibition, forms a dark 
passage withich the viewer is invited to   walk throught. Dozens of headphones dangle 
from its roof. The dense network or cables above   them looks solid from a distance and 
it arouses a sense of threat as the viewer draws near. The artist   hung the headphones 
a little above the height of the average head to induce a claustophobic feeling.   
The sounds – moans, blows and announcements which come at the viewer from all sides – recall   
torture, institutional confinement and other traumatic conditions; in this context, 
even the sexual sounds call to mind perversion. The artist is seeking to create 
an atmosphere inspired by strategies and methods that have been – and still are – employed 
in corrective institutions. Their rationale: to lower an individual's selfesteem 
by creating a climate of fear.While excessive exposure to violent images in a wide range 
of mediaq including the cinema, television, photography and computer games has habituated 
the viewer to concomitant visual stimuli, the case can still be made for sound having 
retained its ability to convey emotions subconsciously. In his Suspect device installation, 
the artist has striven to use the expressive and allusive qualities of sound toi create 
an atmosphere inspired by the sort of confinement conditions that have come to the public's 
attention in recent years.”
 Stamatis Schizakis curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens Greece

The "Suspect device" belongs to the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece