Installation, Galeria Labiryth, Lublin, Poland

The project "They  have departed" consists of two parts.The first part is an installation.
    The installation uses the already intense nature of  the space. With two video projections,
    the first  on the wall  with arc at the top, and  the other one on the auditorium ceiling.
    In both cases will  appear small white lighting circles in an order. The  whole place
    has the atmosphere of small  neglected temple where the holes (video projected  circles)
    illuminated by external light. This atmosphere of  calmness will exist for quite some time
    when suddenly  the large wall will break with deafening noise  and at the back will appear 
    a deserted  landscape.This landscape will be darkened to come slowly -  slowly at the very
    first condition.

Installation, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece

The second part is a video. The content of  this video is a refined take on a pack of 
    small dogs that surround the place which is the camera  and looking patiently attacking and 
  always  in a motion.  Along with technical means, a dog each  time isolated which we follow 
  more easily its behavior.  Also on the image we read fragmentary verses of the poem 
    by Wallace Stevens: "LEBENSWEISHEITSPIELEREI". 

By Makis Faros from Vital Space Projects on Vimeo.


Installation, Galeria Labiryth, Lublin, Poland

This  work is based on the poem by Wallace Stevens:"LEBENSWEISHEITSPIELEREI". The verse of:
 "The  proud and the strong Have departed" in my  opinion represents a piece of history
of African  nations liberations movements  after 60's onwards. People cut off from their
land values ​​and  the oldest way of survival, no  longer dependent laborers and slaves of
a culture  imposed on them, remain in limbo for the withdrawal  of occupying forces.
This psychological mechanism we  can discern in modern consumer societies of the  western
world. Where gods and leaders have long  since abandoned ordinary people, who have now ceased
to struggle for survival, victims of false prosperity and  consumption, and deposit their
fate in the hands of  their best (politicians, media). Unable to claim their  freedom,
feeling of safety, remain in limbo. This project  focuses on indefinite inner vicious game
of those who live in limbo  between divided desire for freedom and security and
the "grandeur  of annihilation" them.The  project"They  have departed" has  been issued 
in three copies. The first one belongs  to the  National Museum of Contemporary Art, 
Greece and the second one belongs  to Galeria  Labiryth, Lublin, Poland