Presumptions: The evolvement of western states into “scientist – states” who believe that from now
on the government and the organization of societies are closely related (at least to some extent)
to scientific efficiency. That is applied either in the way that the state legislates and controls
scientific work, either by the   use of theoretical and technical knowledge in the management of social
existence, or for the gradual   abolishment of the political element, which in this case
is called “ideological”, in favor of technological organizations that take the decisions.
 (Chătelet / Pisier-Kouchner)
“Incubation – collapse process” reminds us of the manner/aesthetics used in presentations by
managers (power point). Just like in management, in this artwork we handle symbols and humans
(human stories).

“Incubation – collapse process” emerges as a presentation of new/innovative inventions:

   • >These could be innovations that control the direction, extent and type of respect.
      That comes into contradiction to our society, in which prestige is not a stable value and in which
      peoples’ demands are rarely understood and satisfied by others. Self-respect (self-esteem)
      shows great differentiation and causes stress and anxiety. Thus we should turn towards a
      society in which each individual’s prestige should be clearly set and not questioned. There
      would be a balance between the respect we want and have – thus an internal balance.

   • >The process shifts from controlling place/field to that of controlling space/site.
      (As space/site we define all the interweaving relations within the boundaries of economic
      deprivation and repression – that is the way in which social identity, social relations and
      actions are created within various subordinate groups.) We also believe that the term 
      “The difference” (which consists of the body-habitat, the movement of habits and personal story)
      is the strategic goal of every authority. {In the video you can see a hand, moving in an
      almost ritual manner, throwing down all the photographs and decorative items from the top
      of a TV set. (It could be in a middle class home or in that of an immigrant family)
      These items are not overwhelmed by the pictures on the screen. On the contrary they contain
      the moral and aesthetical values of these pictures}

   • >Lastly it could be control by using Management techniques.

“Incubation – collapse process” has been edited in 6 copies.
One of them is owned by the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Greece.