Outdoors interactive video installation .It was part of the collective exhibition  under the title “Catch the   light”’ 
organized by the committee of the 2004  Olympic games in AthensThe video installation “Tavern” 
is comprised of  a space with 7 white tables – clinically clean. Over each table is a video projector 
 that is automatically turned on when a spectator is near. When people enter the clean  space of the installation,
 a tavern and its atmosphere is represented.  Each table is independent – it “recites” its own story. 
The onversations on each table will have English subtitles   on each side of the table, according
 to who  is speaking each time.


The video installation “Tavern” is a space interacting (functioning as a parasite) 
within the space   that hosts it (museum, gallery etc.) and changes its character
(class oriented, institutional etc.). This   fact makes the spectator feel uneasy 
as far as what his behavior should be in the specific space.   Also, at the same time 
private speech becomes public, though without turning formal as in Reality Shows. 
This “representation” of a tavern, which is the typical place of the commercialization 
of Greek culture abroad, is at the same time a comment on the commercialization 
of art itself.